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          This home inspection agreement is made between Secure Home Inspections LLC, referred to as
"the inspector", and the client named below.

Client(s) ___________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________ State__________________ Zip_____________


Inspected property address____________________________________________________________

City________________________________________ State__________________ Zip____________

Date and time of on-site inspection_______________________________________________________

        The fee for the home inspection and written report is $_______________, which is due at the
completion of the on-site inspection.

        The purpose of the home inspection is to provide a professional, good faith opinion of the apparent condition of the readily accessible structures, systems and components of the home described above on the date and time of observation. The intension is to prevent the client from incurring unnecessary or unexpected costs to repair or upgrade the home. The home inspection is visual and not technically exhaustive. The inspection report is not intended to be a negotiating tool.
        To maximize the benefits of a home inspection the client is encouraged to be present and ask questions during the inspection. This, along with the advice an inspector can give, is the single best opportunity to learn about the home.
        The inspector will perform an inspection of the property and submit a written report to the client as described by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Standards of Practice, defined in chapter 440.975 of the Wisconsin Statutes and Chapter SPS 134 Standards of Practice of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.
        The inspector may not dismantle systems, turn on a system that is shut down, move furniture, floor coverings, insulation or personal belongings, open walls or ceilings, or perform any type of invasive or destructive testing.
        Some systems, items and conditions not in the scope of an inspection are radon, formaldehyde, lead paint, asbestos,toxic or flammable materials, mold, pest infestation, security and fire protection systems, household appliances, cosmetic components, underground storage tanks, solar collectors, telephone, television or computer systems, antennae, lightning arrestors, vegetation, and well or septic systems.
        The home inspection and inspection report are not a warranty or guarantee. Latent and concealed defects and deficiencies cannot be reported. The inspector assumes no liability for the cost of repair or replacement of unreported defects or deficiencies. The report is not a substitute for a seller's real estate condition report. The inspection is not a compliance inspection and the report is not a certification for governmental codes or regulations.
        It is understood that in the scope of a home inspection every deficiency may not be discovered, therefore the inspector cannot report on everything that is wrong or could possibly go wrong. If the client later feels that something is not in the condition that is reported he will contact the inspector right away. The inspector and client (or his representative) will then set up a meeting at the property to allow the inspector to observe the problem first hand, as it was discovered, without alteration or repair. It is hoped that the matter can be resolved at this time.
        The inspection report is prepared for the exclusive use of the client. The inspector will not provide a copy of the report to a third party without the clients consent. If the client, inspector or anyone else provides a copy of the report to a third party the inspector cannot be held responsible for any use of that report by the third party.

Client has read, understands, and accepts this agreement

Client's signature_____________________________________________Date______________________

Inspectors signature___________________________________________Date______________________

Wisconsin home inspector certification number 2316-106  

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